MLS Story

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger

If I were to give a piece of advice to aspiring real estate professionals, it would be never to stop dreaming. Dreaming is what got me where I am right now. When you have a vision, nothing can stand in your way. As a young man, I stumbled into real estate, where I found myself and began my 25+ year-long journey.

After establishing myself in the real estate industry, I made it my mission to guide other people through my footsteps and assist them in making a profitable career as agents and brokers. My only true goal is to leave a legacy behind, where people can carry where I left off and achieve greater good.

From Dream to Reality Revolutionizing the Egyptian Real Estate Market

The MLS dream started over 15 years ago when I dreamt of founding a real estate hub to serve professionals in the Middle East and regulate the industry. I decided to turn my dreams into reality by purchasing a domain called “,” this platform was meant to simplify and regulate the Egyptian real estate market inspired by American technology. I bought this domain before the real estate revolution in Egypt, so I had to wait for the right time to strike.

Uniting the Arab Region's Property Market With Unprecedented Solutions

When I moved to Egypt and Dubai 2 years ago, the real estate market flourished with rapid developments on the rise. I decided that this was the right time to found Arab MLS, which is meant to become the primary real estate platform that adds structure and regulation to property transactions in Egypt and the entire Middle East.

This is where the six subsidiaries of Arab MLS come in, where I strive to benefit the entire Arab region with my unprecedented solutions. Till now, Arab MLS has Egypt MLS, Saudi MLS, Dubai MLS, Bahrain MLS, Qatar MLS, and Kuwait MLS under its wing. I am proud that we came a long way in achieving my vision, though it wasn’t easy.

Changing the Game Shal MLS, AMP Technology, and E-Systematic

It’s also worth noting that I have founded multiple companies along my journey, starting from Shal MLS in the US, followed by AMP Technology in Dubai, and then E-Systematic in Egypt. These organizations play a massive role in regulating the real estate industry on a global scale.

To dive into them further, my organizations are as follows

AMP Technology

Mainly regulates and shapes the real estate market in Dubai


The primary organization in Egypt that offers high-end real estate services.

Shal MLS

A US-based multiple listing service company that sets rules and regulations for the real estate industry.

So, who exactly does the MLS benefit?

You might think that it strictly serves those directly involved with property transactions. However, the MLS benefits multiple organizations, including banks, governments, individuals, and several fields, such as construction and architecture. That is because real estate branches into different industries, so everything else would follow once it is regulated and perfected.

Building Careers, Changing Lives Arab MLS: The Key to Success in Real Estate

My vision is more than just providing real estate services; I also want to benefit aspiring real estate professionals and those looking for a way to enter the field. I do this by offering courses and training programs that are free of charge via the Arab MLS platform, opening the door for hard workers and those with big dreams.

MLS is an essential piece of the real estate puzzle, a crucial tool for agents, providing endless benefits for buyers and sellers and enabling them to yield inevitable sales. My ultimate goal is to witness my legacy grow and share my success with hard-working people who deserve to be acknowledged and led through the right path of excellence.